Applelec Yacht Creating Illumination For Helidecks

Unique lighting for yacht helipads

Increasing in popularity from our range are the custom made illuminated helidecks. With less certification restrictions on ‘touch and go’ helipads, the illuminated inlays offer numerous creative possibilities, adding a unique and personalised quality to yacht helipads. Upon consultation and through our expertise, we can advise as well as discuss with you various options to help meet your requirements and create helideck illumination, which is HCA certified. Get in contact to find out more.

Floorlights Offer A Personalised Touch, alll Floorlights are made to order.

A stylish option for creating feature pieces, Floorlights are produced to any shape specification and with a wide range of colour options available, the made-to-measure lighting adds a bespoke touch to yacht designs. Homogenously illuminated, the light inlays can be applied to the interior and exterior and due to their high durability and accessibility, offer a practical solution for deluxe yacht illumination. Find out more

Princess Poole and Applelec Yacht Partner in Exciting New Developments

Applelec Yacht is pleased to be a part of Princess Poole’s development, with its sales centre distributing Applelec Yacht’s lettering products. Applelec Yacht has supplied Princess Poole with three signs for their head office in Salterns Marina, Poole. Each sign consists of mirror polished stainless steel lettering, with opal acrylic and illuminated sides, which further refelects Princess Poole’s professionalism and complements the company’s brand. Discover our product range.

Darren Thrower, International Project Director

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